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Duct Tape- Woo-oo!

You have to check out this fun video about duct tape, set to the tune of the Duck Tales Theme by The Warp Zone.


My New Blog

I’ve started my other blog!

This is where I will be posting all the random, not related to anything things that I want to share.

Please stop by and take a look!

Shiny! Firefly’s Serenity Made Completely out of Duct Tape

I admit, I didn’t even know what Firefly was until the last couple of years. Now I have watched and re-watched the sadly too short TV show and accompanying movie several times.

Just today I came across this:

Photo from JaconMakesStuff

The Serenity made totally out of duct tape! Apparently this is 23 pounds of tape,110 hours of time, and 27 rolls!

This guy also make lots of other things out of duct tape, mostly sci-fi stuff it seems.  Check out his site to see more here.

And although this isn’t completely duct-tape related, she does USE duct tape. Check out these awesome handbags made out of magazines and newspapers from Angelique Paper Products.


Working Working

I haven’t been posting as much as I like, but I have been working on other behind the scenes website stuff!

I am also starting a secondary blog, that I will post a link to here when it is ready. I plan to keep this blog dedicated to all things duct tape and all things crafty. The other blog will just be all the random other fun things that I want to talk about!

Have a great weekend!

Recent Duct Tape News

I found a few fun snippets about duct tape on the internet that I wanted to share with you all!

First, here is a tutorial on how to use duct tape to wrap cords without making the cord sticky. This could be helpful for musicians, or even just a way to keep your extension cords, charging cables, etc. organized.

Check out these instructions!

Next up! I have never seen the show ‘Naked and Afraid’ but apparently on a recent episode, a fellow made a duct tape bra tape and underwear for this partner. I had to laugh when I saw this clip though, because the girl said that she is a modest girl and doesn’t like to have everything hanging out. Now I would think a modest girl would probably not sign up for a show called NAKED and Afraid, but maybe that’s just me.

And finally, I love when I come across duct tape artists that make amazing things from my favorite medium, duct tape! Rianna of DuctTapeDesigns focuses her work on DC and Marvel superheroes, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the like. Check out this article and then head over to the artist’s DeviantArt page to see more of her work!

I think Thor is my favorite.

Source: DeviantArt


It’s Almost Weekend!!

That’s all.

Bass String Jewelry

In addition to duct tape, I like to craft with all sorts of other things!
One of those things I enjoy doing is making jewelry out of bass strings (bass guitar that is, not the fish!).
Here are some pictures of some things I have made. Working on some new ideas right now as well!


bass necklaces


bass earrings

Let’s Talk Tape: Washi Tape

While duct tape is, of course, my favorite, there are several other types of tapes that are fun for crafting. One of those is Washi Tape. I HAVE some Washi Tape but in order to describe it to you, I had to do a little research into what it actually is.


As you might guess from the name, it originally came from Japan. Washi itself is a type of paper, made by hand in a traditional way. It can be made from the bark of different types of trees, most of these being trees that are usually found specifically in Japan.

So, therefore, Washi Tape is tape made from paper. It is thin and slightly transparent but comes in tons of cool designs with endless crafting possibilities.

I haven’t done a lot of projects with Washi Tape yet, but here are some sites to check out for more info!

If you want to purchase some, here is just one of many great sites: Wishy Washi Tape. 

And for some fun project ideas:

Cute Tape

Washi Tape Ideas


I Have a List

Over the weekend, I have been working on a list of blog post ideas, so I will soon be prepared to post lots and lots.