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Blog Challenge Day 14: What’s on Your IPod?

Would you believe that I don’t own an IPod? I do have a Zune, but I haven’t put anything new on it in a while. How about I tell you what CD’s are currently in the changer in my car?

1)Divinion. Technically this isn’t released yet but I kind of know some people.


2) The Beatles: Abbey Road

3) Shiny Toy Guns: Season of Poison.

Check out the video of my favorite song.

4) Once: Motion Picture Soundtrack

5) Blue October: Argue With  A Tree, Disc 2

6) Monster Ballads

Photo Challenge Day 13: Technology

My Pebble Watch


Blog Challenge Day 13: Do You Have Regret?

Nah! Of course there  are things you wonder if maybe they could have turned out differently but oh well!

Photo Challenge Day 12: Scene From a Window


Photo Challenge Day 11: Faceless Self-Portrait

Sorry, I didn’t take one of these yet. I plan on it though and then I will share it with you when I do!

Photo Challenge Day 10: What I Am Wearing

Well I didn’t take a photo of what I was wearing that day. But here is an old pic with the shirt I was wearing.


Blog Challenge Day 12: Something I Miss

You know what I miss? The time before I had to pay bills!

Blog Challenge Day 11: Last Book I Read

I fell a little behind on my blog and photo challenges so I am playing catch-up!

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be the last book I read. Unfortunately I don’t quite remember! I know it was one that I was reviewing. I’m currently reading a couple more just for fun.

Blog Challenge Day 10: Daily Routine

Oops! I forgot to post yesterday,  so here is yesterday’s post!

Well, on a work day, it’s usually pretty boring. Get up, get ready for work. Usually a stop at the gas station for my caffeine fix. Work, then home. Sometimes a nap. Then working on the to-do list- anything that needs to be written or made. Respond to emails. Maybe a bath and then bed!

Blog Challenge Day 9: Bucket List

One thing that is on the list is that I would really like to visit Ireland someday.

Photo Challenge Day 9: Flowers


Photo Challenge Day 8: Chocolate


Blog Challenge Day 8: Biggest Pet Peeve

This is an easy one. I can’t stand when people say “seen” when they really should be saying “saw.”

Photo Challenge Day 7: Sunset

I had to cheat. There was no sun to speak of today, so this isn’t my photo.


Blog Challenge Day 7: My Dream Job

I won’t be too detailed here, because I don’t want anyone to steal my idea! But my dream job would be running my own nonprofit organization that has something to do with music.

Make It Monday

In the future, I plan to post fun craft projects to try. I will post one each Monday. I don’t have one ready today but stay tuned!

Photo Challenge Day 6: From a Distance


Blog Challenge Day 6: Last Random Act of Kindness

I would feel strange bragging about an act of kindness, so instead, I thought I would give a few ideas that would great acts of kindness to do for someone.

  Hold the door open for someone.

 Write someone a thank you card.

  Donate something to someone on need.

Smile at a stranger.

Visit someone who is lonely.

Photo Challenge: Day 5- What I Ate


Blog Challenge Day 5: Movies I Never Get Sick Of

1)      Stand By Me

2)      Almost Famous

3)      The ‘Burbs

4)      Newsies

5)      Swing Kids

6)      The Princess Bride

7)      Labyrinth

8)      Amadeus