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This Day in Music- September 18

Here are just a few of the things that happened in the world of music on September 18 throughout the years.


1970- This is the day that Jimi Hendrix passed away.

1983- Kiss appeared on MTV without their make-up for an interview. Yikes! Eventually they got smart and put it back on.

1984- David Bowie won Video of the Year for China Girl at the first MTV Video Awards.

1996- Julian Lennon successfully bid on the recording notes to the song Hey Jude at Sotheby’s in London.

2006- Willie Nelson’s your bus pulled over in Louisiana. 4 members of his band are charged with drug possession. Surprise, surprise.

Collect Rocks Day

Hey Hey! It’s Collect Rocks Day!

I have no  idea when this originated and I can’t find much detail about it, but it seems like as good a day as any to go and collect some rocks!

Here are some river rocks I collected recently. I am planning on getting a rock tumbler and making jewelry with them soon!

collect rocks

International Chocolate Day

Some of you may be glad to know that you have something to celebrate today, and a reason to eat some chocolate!

It’s International Chocolate Day!

It is celebrated today because it is the birthday of Milton Hershey. So have some chocolate today and don’t feel guilty about it!

National Hollerin’ Day

I am always interested in random holidays and celebrations.

I bet you didn’t know that today, September 12, is National Hollerin’ Day. Or maybe you did know that.

Anyway, there is also a National Hollerin’ Festival being held today in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina. I guess there will be live music, food, demonstrations, a car show, vendors, and of course, the 46th Annual National Hollerin’ Contest!


Here is a little info on the History of Hollerin’.

And also the history of the National Hollerin’ Contest.

Check out the schedule. It actually looks pretty fun.

And all that fun for only $5! If I was anywhere near that, I would definitely stop by and check it out.

8:00:  Car Show Registration begins

11:00 AM – Gates Open

11:00:   Kid’s Zone Inflatables: $1 per play or $20 arm band for all day

*Quilting Exhibit, Making Craklins, Naval Stores Exhibit, Blacksmithing Demonstration & Ferrier Demonstration are all ongoing throughout the day.

11:15:  BBQ Cook-off Trophy Presentations at the main stage

11:30 – 12:40:  The Walters Family on stage with bluegrass gospel music

11:30:  *Homemade Butter Making, Churning demonstration

11:45:  *Homemade Biscuit Making

12:15:  *Traditional Hollerin’ Lessons with 2014 NHC Champ Tony Peacock

12:30 – 3:00:  *Plowing Demonstrations by the NC Workhorse & Mule Assn.

12:00:  -Car Show Registration Ends-

1:00:  Clogging Exhibition by Kerry’s Dance Beat

1:15:  Dennis Cash Carolina Bluegrass, Gospel, Folk & Old Time music songman

1:30:  *Homemade Sausage Making demonstration

1:40:  Clogging Exhibition by Kerry’s Dance Beat

2:00:  -Hollerin’ Contest Registration Ends-

        *Tobacco Tying demonstration

2:05:  Car Show Trophy Presentations on the main stage

2:15:  *Corn Shelling demonstration

2:30 – 4:15:  The Grass Cats on stage with great bluegrass music

2:30:  *Homemade Butter Making, Churning demonstration

2:45:  *Homemade Biscuit Making demonstration

3:00:  *Tobacco Tying demonstration

3:15:  *Corn Shelling demonstration

3:30:  *Homemade Sausage Making demonstration               

-Contests on the Main Stage-

4:30:  Junior Hollerin’, Teen Hollerin’, & Conk Shell Blowin’ Contests

5:00:  Ladies Callin’ Contest

5:55:  Prize Drawing/Tractor Show Trophy Presentation

6:00:  National Hollerin’ Contest