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Quick Post- Duct Tape and Washi Tape

Just wanted to share a couple of links.

These are crafts that you can do with duct tape and washi tape, and they are from one of my favorite websites.

So make sure to check them out!


22 Best Duct Tape Crafts to Make


42 How to Use Washi Tape Tutorials

Duct Tape Bottle Holder

Hey folks!

Here is a little duct tape project I made the other day- a duct tape bottle holder!

It’s not perfect. I made it while sitting outside and didn’t measure anything, but I got the basic idea.

Duct Tape Bottle Holder

Duct Tape Box

At this very moment, I am working up a bunch of blog posts, as I have been neglecting my poor little blog.

But real quick, I wanted to share a duct tape project I did recently. It’s a duct tape box, used as a card box at a graduation party.

Avengers Duct Tape

Avengers Duct Tape

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What To Do if Your Hands are Duct Taped

Hopefully this knowledge never comes in handy, but I just wanted to share with you this link to a video of how to escape if your hands are duct taped.

Check it out! Maybe I will try it myself.

Easy Escape Trick

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My New Toy: Sizzix Vintaj Bigkick

I got a new crafty toy for Christmas that I want to tell you about. The Siizix Vintaj Bigkick Embossing and Shape-Cutting Machine.

Sizzix Vintaj BigkickYou can use it to emboss and etch designs into metal blanks to make fun jewelry. I don’t have any of the metal dies yet but you can also use it on paper, fabric and other things. I got a couple of embossing folders and tried them out on aluminum foil. One is a brick print and the other a wood print.

Sizzix Embossing Folder

Sizzix Embossing Folder

I also decided to try it out on duct tape. I made a small sheet of white duct tape and put it in the middle of one of the embossing folders.

sizzix embossing folder

Then you put the whole thing between the clear cutting pads.

Sizzix Cutting Pads

Stick the whole thing into the machine and then turn the crank until it comes out the other end.

Sizzix Cutting Pads

And ta-da! Embossed duct tape. I will post more projects once I have more accessories!