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Duct Tape StickorTreat Contest

Duck Brand is hosting a contest. All you have to do is post pictures of jack-o-lantern decorated using duct tape for a chance to win $1,000.  See details below!


duct tape

More Duct Tape Fun- Life Hacks and Survival

We all know duct tape is handy stuff and there are so many uses. It is definitely a great idea to keep some on hand, wherever you go. You never know when you might get stuck in a precarious situation. If you have a bug-out bag, or an emergency pack, make sure to throw some in there as well.

duct tape

Now, I have a book, Duct Tape 911, which gives directions on how to use the sticky stuff for medical emergencies.

Here are a few other ways you can use duct tape when you are in a sort of bind. I didn’t necessarily come up with all these ideas, but scouted them out online.

  • Tent Repair– What if you pull out your tent and discover there is a hole in it? Well just patch it up! Or maybe the zipper or pole is broken. Duct tape to the rescue.
  • First Aid– Check out that book I mentioned above for additional tips, but you can always use duct tape to make a sling, bandage strips, or wrap a sprained ankle.
  • Glasses Repair– What could be worse than breaking your glasses while stuck in the wilderness? Duct tape would definitely come in handy there.
  • Protection– Duct tape your knife to a pole and make yourself a spear!

Those are just a handful of ideas. There are tons more of course!

And check out this link for a video of some other Duct Tape Life Hacks. 

Quick Post- Duct Tape and Washi Tape

Just wanted to share a couple of links.

These are crafts that you can do with duct tape and washi tape, and they are from one of my favorite websites.

So make sure to check them out!


22 Best Duct Tape Crafts to Make


42 How to Use Washi Tape Tutorials

Tape Brothers

We all know that I am a big fan of duct tape.

I wanted to share with you one of the most awesome websites I have found for purchasing tape of ANY kind. Every time I check them out I find something else!






They carry all the brands you can think of and have great prices! If it includes the word “tape” you can find it there!


If you need tape, check them out!



The Latest in the World of Duct Tape

Here are a few things going on out there in Duct Tape Land. Check it out!


I don’t have any pictures to post for this because I don’t want to face the wrath of NASA, but I came across this article on how astronauts make use of duct tape. Here are a few of those uses:

  • reattaching cleats to boots
  • keeping trash and food scraps from floating away(no gravity, ya know?)
  • holding items to tables/workstations
  • lunar rover fender repair

Check out the article for all the details: Astronauts/Duct Tape



Every yea, Duck Brand hosts their Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest, where students create their own duct tape prom outfits. Check out a couple of the finalists:dtprom2



And read more about them: HERE and HERE.


This may have to be my new theme song! Check out Duct Tape Heart by Barenaked Ladies!

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Duct Tape Bottle Holder

Hey folks!

Here is a little duct tape project I made the other day- a duct tape bottle holder!

It’s not perfect. I made it while sitting outside and didn’t measure anything, but I got the basic idea.

Duct Tape Bottle Holder

Duct Tape Box

At this very moment, I am working up a bunch of blog posts, as I have been neglecting my poor little blog.

But real quick, I wanted to share a duct tape project I did recently. It’s a duct tape box, used as a card box at a graduation party.

Avengers Duct Tape

Avengers Duct Tape

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What To Do if Your Hands are Duct Taped

Hopefully this knowledge never comes in handy, but I just wanted to share with you this link to a video of how to escape if your hands are duct taped.

Check it out! Maybe I will try it myself.

Easy Escape Trick

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Massive Duct Tape

I already shared this on my Facebook, but since I like to blog about duct tape, I decided that I’d better share it here as well.

Last week we stopped at Uncle Stan’s Military Surplus for no particular reason and guess what I found.

duct tape

Massive rolls of duct tape! And only $8.50 each! Now they obviously didn’t have a huge collection of different colors and designs. But I did find a designed roll that I had never seen before for only $2.50.

So if you are in need of bulk duct tape, try military surplus stores in your area.

My New Toy: Sizzix Vintaj Bigkick

I got a new crafty toy for Christmas that I want to tell you about. The Siizix Vintaj Bigkick Embossing and Shape-Cutting Machine.

Sizzix Vintaj BigkickYou can use it to emboss and etch designs into metal blanks to make fun jewelry. I don’t have any of the metal dies yet but you can also use it on paper, fabric and other things. I got a couple of embossing folders and tried them out on aluminum foil. One is a brick print and the other a wood print.

Sizzix Embossing Folder

Sizzix Embossing Folder

I also decided to try it out on duct tape. I made a small sheet of white duct tape and put it in the middle of one of the embossing folders.

sizzix embossing folder

Then you put the whole thing between the clear cutting pads.

Sizzix Cutting Pads

Stick the whole thing into the machine and then turn the crank until it comes out the other end.

Sizzix Cutting Pads

And ta-da! Embossed duct tape. I will post more projects once I have more accessories!




Things To Come- New Duct Tape
houndstooth duck mustache duct tape

Merry Christmas!


I promise I am going to be posting more duct tape projects soon! Here are some of the duct tapes I got at Christmas time.

I’ve Been Slacking in the Duct Tape Department

It’s been awhile since I shared new duct tape news with you so I decided to throw together some of the things I have seen lately.

First, here is a Hylian Shield made out of duct tape. I have to admit that I didn’t know what that was and had to google it, but apparently it is something from the Legend of Zelda games!

Hylian Shield


Here’s an interesting way to serve beverages at your next party. Only bad thing is that they are going to be warm. Eww.

Beer Wall

Not sure why your car would need a visor but this is kind of cute.

Cat Visor


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Check This Kid Out

I came across this article about Kids Halloween Costumes using duct tape.

You can check out the link to read more about it, but I had to share with you this photo.

I’m loving this kid’s face and pose. Haha!

A Little Science Experiment

So I just found out something that I am going to have to try soon. Apparently if you pull duct tape apart quickly in the dark, it turns blue.

This is an example of triboluminescence, which is a glow given off when certain materials are under mechanical stress or friction.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I am going to try to capture it on video. 

Duct Tape- Woo-oo!

You have to check out this fun video about duct tape, set to the tune of the Duck Tales Theme by The Warp Zone.


Recent Duct Tape News

I found a few fun snippets about duct tape on the internet that I wanted to share with you all!

First, here is a tutorial on how to use duct tape to wrap cords without making the cord sticky. This could be helpful for musicians, or even just a way to keep your extension cords, charging cables, etc. organized.

Check out these instructions!

Next up! I have never seen the show ‘Naked and Afraid’ but apparently on a recent episode, a fellow made a duct tape bra tape and underwear for this partner. I had to laugh when I saw this clip though, because the girl said that she is a modest girl and doesn’t like to have everything hanging out. Now I would think a modest girl would probably not sign up for a show called NAKED and Afraid, but maybe that’s just me.

And finally, I love when I come across duct tape artists that make amazing things from my favorite medium, duct tape! Rianna of DuctTapeDesigns focuses her work on DC and Marvel superheroes, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the like. Check out this article and then head over to the artist’s DeviantArt page to see more of her work!

I think Thor is my favorite.

Source: DeviantArt


Let’s Talk Tape: Washi Tape

While duct tape is, of course, my favorite, there are several other types of tapes that are fun for crafting. One of those is Washi Tape. I HAVE some Washi Tape but in order to describe it to you, I had to do a little research into what it actually is.


As you might guess from the name, it originally came from Japan. Washi itself is a type of paper, made by hand in a traditional way. It can be made from the bark of different types of trees, most of these being trees that are usually found specifically in Japan.

So, therefore, Washi Tape is tape made from paper. It is thin and slightly transparent but comes in tons of cool designs with endless crafting possibilities.

I haven’t done a lot of projects with Washi Tape yet, but here are some sites to check out for more info!

If you want to purchase some, here is just one of many great sites: Wishy Washi Tape. 

And for some fun project ideas:

Cute Tape

Washi Tape Ideas


New Duct Tape Purse Coming!

It’s been a while since I’ve made on of my duct tape purses, but I started a new one this weekend.

Pics to come!

Book Review: Duct Tape 911

Recently, I received a copy of the book Duct Tape 911: The Many Amazing Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together for review.

The book was written by James Hubbard, MD, MPH. Hubbard has become known as The Survival Doctor, and in 2011 he launched a website of the same name.  The goal of the website is to offer advice on how to deal with medical issues in times when medical help is not available, such as in times of natural disaster, terrorist attacks, or being stuck out in the wilderness.

The doctor combines his 30 plus years as a family physician with home remedies to help people stuck in difficult situations.

I basically had to read his latest book because it deals with one of my favorite things: duct tape. And the book’s introduction gives a list of why he likes duct tape, which I have to agree with. It’s versatile, strong, easy to tear, easy to shape, sticky, and waterproof.

The rest of the book is split into the following sections: Tape Your Joints, Tape Your Skin, Tape Your Eyes, Tape Your Clothes, and Tape Your Life. I mean, who knew that if you lose your glasses, or your lens, you can manage a temporary fix with duct tape.

I don’t want to give away anything for you, so I won’t go into any details on any specific procedure, but each of the 23 includes step by step instructions, complete with cute illustrations such as the one on the cover of the book.

Due to the small size, this is the perfect book to throw in your backpack on your next camping trip, or keep in your emergency stash, if you have one of those.

COMING SOON- An Interview with The Survival Doctor!


Fun New Duct Tape

While checking out the new Hobby Lobby store in town, I came across some new duct tapes. They basically look like burlap, some with colors and others with designs, such as animal print. I only picked up one so far, but I’m sure I will be grabbing a few more.

Now, I know that technically this is a red zebra print, but I’m pretending it’s red tiger print. 😉