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Quick Post- Duct Tape and Washi Tape

Just wanted to share a couple of links.

These are crafts that you can do with duct tape and washi tape, and they are from one of my favorite websites.

So make sure to check them out!


22 Best Duct Tape Crafts to Make


42 How to Use Washi Tape Tutorials

A Few Things

Hello friends! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile!

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that is coming up soon.

First, check out this page for some fun Washi Tape Wall Art.

I will also posting Part Three of my series on the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System. I will actually be putting it to use and sharing some pics, maybe a video. If you missed it check out Part One and Part Two.

Also, coming very soon I will be featuring a small business and reviewing their yummy fudge!

Stay tuned!


Let’s Talk Tape: Washi Tape

While duct tape is, of course, my favorite, there are several other types of tapes that are fun for crafting. One of those is Washi Tape. I HAVE some Washi Tape but in order to describe it to you, I had to do a little research into what it actually is.


As you might guess from the name, it originally came from Japan. Washi itself is a type of paper, made by hand in a traditional way. It can be made from the bark of different types of trees, most of these being trees that are usually found specifically in Japan.

So, therefore, Washi Tape is tape made from paper. It is thin and slightly transparent but comes in tons of cool designs with endless crafting possibilities.

I haven’t done a lot of projects with Washi Tape yet, but here are some sites to check out for more info!

If you want to purchase some, here is just one of many great sites: Wishy Washi Tape. 

And for some fun project ideas:

Cute Tape

Washi Tape Ideas