What is a Greeting Cake?


I decided that it would be a fun idea to show what is inside of a Greeting Cake.
If you go to my shopping page, you will see a link to purchase Greeting Cakes.
What is a Greeting Cake, you are probably asking. Well, it is a 4 inch round, individual cake kit. On the top is a sort of “greeting card sentiment” for any occasion you might be able to think of: birthdays, weddings, achievements, etc.
Everything you need to enjoy the cake is inside the container. All you have to do is add water and microwave!
There is a packet of the cake mix, a packet of frosting, a little spoon for enjoying, a cup for measuring the water, one candle, instructions on how to prepare your cake, and of course some confetti just for fun.
They also offer “Cup Cakes” which are a similar idea, but come in a mug. You can also purchase just the cake mix to put in your own mug.
And there are also a couple of care packages available, with a cake and some other yummy snacks, that you can send to your starving college student or anyone else that needs a pick me up.
Check them out!
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