Elusive Red Tiger is managed by Hilary Mahoney and is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
We make crafty items of all sorts such as soaps, candles, duct tape purses and accessories, duct tape guitar straps, bass string jewelry, bottlecap jewelry, guitar pick jewelry, glass tile jewelry and more!

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Check out my blog on the amazing world of duct tape!

Oh, the joys of duct tape! There are so many uses- some practical (fixing a broken taillight, taping wires down, pulling hair or lint off of clothing), some unusual (a duct tape dress, guitar strap, or purse).
This blog will explore the many and varied uses of duct tape, featuring projects, tutorials, new products, videos, photos, and whatever else is happening in the wide world of duct tape! And every once in awhile you might find a post on another cool project I’m working on.