Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

I just received a new product that I want to share with you. This will be a multi-part post. Today I just want to share with you what comes in the package. Later I will share with you more details about what you can do with it. And I will also test it out and share pictures and maybe video of that process with you.

Also, I just discovered a photo editor on my camera itself so I wanted to play with that.

Here is the package before opening it.


As you can see, the package includes a 0.1 micron absolute hollow fiber membrane water filter.


Also inside is a 16 oz.  reusable squeeze pouch. I didn’t unwrap it yet, just because I’m not quite ready to use it.


There is a drinking straw.


And a cleaning plunger.


Here is everything together.


Stay tuned! I will be back with more details and a demonstration!

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