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Just a Fact About Duct Tape

In the 1940s, Vesta Stoudt, an employee at an ammunition packing plant in Illinois and a mother with two boys in the Navy, wrote a letter to president Franklin D. Roosevelt suggesting that ammunition cases be sealed with a “strong cloth tape.” The U.S. military then asked Johnson & Johnson to create a waterproof, cloth-based tape and “duck tape” was created. During the postwar building boom, “duck tape” became “duct tape,” when its chief use became taping heating ducts.

Book Reviews Coming!

I’ve decided to post a couple of book reviews here for fun. I have to read the books first though!

The first one will be Duct Tape 911: The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together by James Hubbard, MD. The doctor is mailing me a copy of the book and I also planning on interviewing him about the book when I am done.

And then, just for fun, I am also going to read and review a fiction piece, Murder at the Art and Craft Fair by Steve Demaree.

My Favorite Aisle at Michaels


Duct Tape and Lace

While not actually related to duct tape, I did like the name of this store in Troup, Texas- Duct Tape and Lace.

Owned by Robbyn Stockton and her mother Shannan Penrod, the store is a sort of antique shop/flea market with the idea that with a little “duct tape and lace”, old things can be made new again.

Check out some of their items on their facebook page: Duct Tape and Lace .

I See a New Project Coming On

I was reading this article from the Erie-Times News. The topic is decorating your dorm room using duct tape.  Some of the items they mention are frames, lanyards, tablet sleeves, and pencil cups.

But my personal favorite was the desk chair featured in this picture:

Photo by Jarid A. Barringer


I totally want to try this so this may be my next project! I will post pictures here if I do this.

P.S. I had to answer a question in order to be able to read the entire article, but didn’t have to enter any information.




Duct Tape Projects on Display

I found this info from another crafty blogger, so I’m honestly not sure if this is the Orange County (OC) in California, or an Orange County located somewhere else!

But I thought it was interesting nonetheless, so I decided to share! Apparently The 2013 Orange County fair featured duct tape projects made by youth in their “Make it With Duct Tape” Division.

Some cool submissions include, or course, prom dresses, purses and handbags, and even a sweet pair of high tops!

Check out the Keep Calm and Craft On blog for pictures!