30 Day Song Challenge- Day Five

I decided I needed something to kick start me back into blogging more regularly.

So I came across something called a 30 Day Song Challenge , with prompts already designed for me. Each day for 30 days, I will share with you a song and I want you to feel free to share with me as well!

The subject for the fifth day is A Song That Proves You Have Good Taste. Hmm….. Well, I know I have good taste, but also, I understand that plenty of people would have different opinions and I don’t care if people agree with what I like or not!

So, I decided to go with something that maybe proves that I have “cultured taste.” When I was a very strange 4-year-old, Amadeus was my favorite movies. I’m not kidding. You can ask my family. I used to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and conduct like Wolfy.

I decided to share a scene from the movie with you, while Mozart is dying and writing Requiem. I did perform Lacrimosa from Requiem in choir once as well.

What song do you think proves that you have good taste?

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