30 Day Song Challenge- Day Three

I decided I needed something to kick start me back into blogging more regularly.

So I came across something called a 30 Day Song Challenge , with prompts already designed for me. Each day for 30 days, I will share with you a song and I want you to feel free to share with me as well!

A Song That Makes You Cry is the song for Day 3. Hmm…. I had to think about this one. There are plenty of sad songs, but I was trying to think of one that actually would cause me to really cry if I was listening to it.

I am not a super-duper Coldplay fan, but I can already tell you that there is probably another Coldplay song that will be making it’s way into this song challenge.

So, Fix You is the song. It probably would only make me cry if I was along and really paying attention to it. I have a friend who this song really means a lot to and then it was also played at another friend’s funeral, sooooo… it’s a sad one.

Not that I want to make you sad, but what song would fit into this category for you?

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  1. Winter

    The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert. It reminds me of my Grandma’s house.

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