30 Day Song Challenge- Day Two

I decided I needed something to kick start me back into blogging more regularly.

So I came across something called a 30 Day Song Challenge , with prompts already designed for me. Each day for 30 days, I will share with you a song and I want you to feel free to share with me as well!

Day Two’s subject is A Song That Always Makes You Smile.

This was EASY for me to come up with because just the very beginning of this song makes me instantly happy and also makes me want to get up and do the Axl Rose dance.

The song is Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. I mean, it’s just one of my faves! Check out the video below, and also tell me a song that always makes you smile!


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  1. Winter

    I can’t pick just one. Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean. Answer the Phone by Sugar Ray. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

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