What Was In My Snakku Box?

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Some of you know that I enter giveaways all the time. Well, I won another one recently and the prize was a Snakku box, which is a subscription box with snacks from Japan. I thought I would share with everyone what was in the box. The theme for February was strawberries and also Valentines Day. When I opened up the outside box, I found the box inside wrapped in some sort of fabric. CAM00061 So I had to unwrap that and this is what I found next: CAM00062CAM00063   There was a personalized note to me and also a list describing the snacks that would be inside: CAM00064CAM00069 And now  for the snacks! First, there was some Gold Okaki. These are crepe crackers baked and dipped in a ginger emulsion and then dipped in real edible gold foils. Apparently these gold foils are made by hand in the city of Kanazawa. How cool! CAM00070 These little bags below are Chocolate Arare, from a rice cracker store in Kyoto. They are basically chocolate-covered rice crackers. One pouch was bitter and the other sweet. CAM00078 My favorite in the bunch were the Chocolate Fruit Crunch. They came in strawberry and blueberry and I think they taste like Special K bars. Yum! CAM00071 These little guys are the Pururun Strawberry Mochi, made from rice and seasonal strawberries. The taste was good, but I could see that some people might not enjoy the texture or consistency of the gooey stuff. CAM00073  Inside these packages was Chocolate Senbei, heart-shaped rice crackers covered in chocolate for Valentines Day!



Pocky seems to be a popular snack in Japan. They are biscuit sticks. These ones were covered in strawberry cream and in the shape of hearts.



Did you know here was such a thing as Green Tea KitKat? I had no clue. I’m not really a green tea fan but these were pretty tasty!

CAM00072Some more Senbei, rice crackers. But these weren’t covered in chocolate. They were plum and soy seaweed flavored. I have to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of these ones.


There were a couple of Umaibo. Corn puff sticks is what they are. Cute packaging!



And to top it off, a bunch of these Ichigo Milk Candies- strawberry of course!



So that was everything! It looks like if you want to order one box, which contains nearly 2 pounds of snacks, it will cost you 38.95. The more months you sign up for, you get a bit of a discount. They also offer a tasting box, with 5-7 snacks for 15.75.

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  1. Winter

    Did you write him back and tell him your name is Juanelle, not 2? 🙂 Looks like a fun package!

    1. elusiveredtiger

      Ha. I didn’t have that guys address, so I couldn’t tell him. At least he tried.

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