Book Review- Step by Step by Candace Calvert

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Love and the emergency room. What else could you want?

I received a complimentary copy of the book Step by Step by Candace Calvert from Tyndale House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.


As always, first I will share the book’s description with you:

Three years after a tragic accident left her a widow, ER nurse Taylor Cabot is determined to move on, checking off one item after another on her survival list. Her relationship with a handsome plastic surgeon even giver her hope for the last point- “fall in love again.” At least until criss chaplain Seth Donovan steps back into her life, reawakening unanswered questions about her husband’s death.

While in San Diego to train community volunteers, Seth hopes to learn why Taylor is back away from the crisis team and from their friendship. But nothing prepares him for the feelings that arise when he sees Taylor again… and sees her moving on with another man.

When a community crisis hits home and puts lives at risk, emotions run high and buried truths are unearthed. Will hope make the survival list?


This is apparently the second book in the Crisis Team series. I haven’t read the first one, which didn’t bother me, as this seems to be a standalone book. I am not 100% sure if any of the characters were in the first book or not.

I found it very interesting to learn about the work of chaplains. You hear about them, but in this book you learn more in-depth information about the important work they do. Apparently the author was a former ER nurse and a crisis peer counselor, so it is great that she was able to draw on her personal experience.

Of course, from reading the description, you can tell that there is a struggle for Taylor’s attention from two men. It’s not really much of a competition. As a reader, you will know exactly which one you want her to end up with. You will also enjoy the relationship between Taylor and her aging dog, Hooper. This is a faith-based story of hope that is definitely an inspiring read.

I believe there is another book to come and I THINK I might know which character it will follow, so I’m curious to see that when it comes out.

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