Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

So, I plan to be very active with my blogging starting next month and I’m prepping for it now.

I want to share with you some of my plans!

First of all,there will be multiple posts each day, which is why I have to start working now! Here are some of the things you will see each day.

  • Photo of the Day.        I will be using a 30 day photo challenge that I have found online, where you take and share a picture each day. I’m hoping to make good use of my new camera, though I’m sure that there will be some cell phone pics as well.
  • Blog Challenge.           Another 30 day challenge I found, this oone just being an idea for a short blog post each day.
  • My Other Blog.            On my other page, Randomocity, I will be posting about interesting sites in my home state of Iowa. I will post links here so you can check it out.
  • And More…                I will still be posting product/book reviews, crafty things, duct tape, etc. I also want to feature other small business owners.

In addition, I’m hoping to make some updates to my site, specifically adding the ability to buy some of my products straight from this page.


So stay tuned and thank you once again for your patience!

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