I Need These: Duct Tape Scissors

I just found out that Fiskars has introduced Duck Edition Scissors. They have a non-stick blade coating specifically for cutting through duct tape without getting that gross sticky build-up that is NOT fun to try to get off!
It looks like they are available in two different size- 5″ and 8″, at both Fiskars.com and JoAnn Stores.
Believe me, I will need to be purchasing both of these. I have definitely experienced the gummy, gooey annoyingness of trying to use regular scissors when crafting with duct tape, so I’m totally excited for this!
Also, in celebration of the launch of the new item, Fiskars and Duck Brand duct tape have a sweepstakes going on, called “Imagination on a Roll.” To enter, visit the Fiskars Facebook page, and share your DuckTape crafting project ideas for the chance to win 21 rolls of Duck Tape and the new scissors! Sweet!

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