More Duct Tape Fun- Life Hacks and Survival

We all know duct tape is handy stuff and there are so many uses. It is definitely a great idea to keep some on hand, wherever you go. You never know when you might get stuck in a precarious situation. If you have a bug-out bag, or an emergency pack, make sure to throw some in there as well.

duct tape

Now, I have a book, Duct Tape 911, which gives directions on how to use the sticky stuff for medical emergencies.

Here are a few other ways you can use duct tape when you are in a sort of bind. I didn’t necessarily come up with all these ideas, but scouted them out online.

  • Tent Repair– What if you pull out your tent and discover there is a hole in it? Well just patch it up! Or maybe the zipper or pole is broken. Duct tape to the rescue.
  • First Aid– Check out that book I mentioned above for additional tips, but you can always use duct tape to make a sling, bandage strips, or wrap a sprained ankle.
  • Glasses Repair– What could be worse than breaking your glasses while stuck in the wilderness? Duct tape would definitely come in handy there.
  • Protection– Duct tape your knife to a pole and make yourself a spear!

Those are just a handful of ideas. There are tons more of course!

And check out this link for a video of some other Duct Tape Life Hacks. 

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