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Subscription boxes are super popular these days. Who doesn’t like getting a box in the mail, especially one filled with snacks? Japan FunBox offered me one of their mini-boxes to review.

This company offers three sizes of boxes:

Mini- 5-7 items, $14.99 a month

Original- 15-20 items, 1 DIY kit, 1 Special item, $32.99 a month

Family- 25-30 items,  2 DIY kits, 2 Special items, $49.99 a month


All of the options offer free shipping worldwide!


As I said, I received a mini-box, and below is what I received. The descriptions are straight from the paper that came in the box.




Bite-size biscuit, ALFORT that is a combination of rich milk chocolate and fragrant whole grain biscuits. Please enjoy its flavorful taste.


Definitely tasty! Chocolate with that crunchy biscuit center.


Whistle Candy:Grape Flavor


This is a very popular and regular snack in Japan. Because this candy can make sounds like a whistle when you put it in your mouth and blow, it makes kids happy but their parents angry. A cute secret toy box comes with this.


These look like Life Savers, but when you pull them out they are a little thicker. They dissolve fairly quickly, so make sure you get your whistling in first! The idea remind of me of Toot Sweets from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Here is the toy that came with mine:


Pizza Potato


People around the world would say the Pizza Potato taste is good and finally this Pizza Potato add to line up in Funbox. Who think up the potato chips go well with cheese? Rich cheese on the zig-zag cut thick potato. This potato chips is only Japan.


Now these are definitely good. I may have to find a way to get a hold of some more. The texture of the chips are like Ruffles, with the ridges. Super tasty. Probably my favorite thing in the box.


Pretz Tomato Taste


The great Japanese long-established company’s technology. It was baked crunchy outside and crispy inside with special manufacture methods. We can taste the sweet tomato and green vegetables and crisp and fragrant PRETZ.


I’ve had other similar type Japanese snacks in many different flavors, but had never had tomato flavor. These sticks are a quick, easy snack and the tomato was more like a sun-dried tomato taste. They probably would be good with some dip as well!




A combination of a crackling burst Ume (plum) candy and sour Ume taste (plum) granules and it is new texture candy.


These are like Pop Rocks, but of course I’d never had plum flavored pop rocks before! Not bad, but not my favorite flavor.




A long, soft-candy with bubbly powder on the inside. The orange flavor and the lemon flavored soft candy combined inside your mouth mysteriously creates a coke flavor.


How in the world does orange and lemon flavor taste like cola?? Weird! Definitely a new experience.


Check them out and order a box!
Japanese Candy Box - Japan Funbox

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  1. Winter

    Those look kind of fun!

    1. elusiveredtiger

      Yeah! I’m thinking of reviewing more subscription boxes. All sorts.

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