SpookyEyes Contact Lenses Review

Well, this is my first review set up via etailPR!

In order to do the review, I received a free pair of SpookyEyes contact lenses. SpookyEyes has a ton of fun Halloween lenses, or anytime lenses if you feel like looking like a zombie or vampire on a regular day.

They do also have some slightly more natural looking choices as well. I personally chose the Blue Shimmer lenses. The color itself is super pretty. They feature a starburst design with a pale ice blue.

As a person who has worn prescription contact lenses before, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and breathable these lenses were.  For me, the obvious downside is that in order to be able to see while wearing them, I would have to wear my glasses over them. Also, they make me eyes look kind of freakishly large, making them difficult to wear on a regular day. But definitely fun for Halloween or some other special occasion.

These particular lenses  are $27.95 with free standard shipping on all orders.

Check out SpookyEyes.com for TONS of great and imaginative designs.
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